Tantrum1 (2)We are a club for very self expressed people who believe that Human beings deserve to express their emotions vs. think about them. Some people are content to spend hours rationalising whether their anger, frustration or sadness is constructive in their attempts to be “emotionally intelligent” or “enlightened”. For these people, it’s all about being more peaceful. So in our quest to not explode from the stress which occurs in our daily lives, we step over all the things which annoy us and swallow our anger and frustration in our attempt to not be written off as overly emotional or dramatic or (let it be said) ‘unreasonable’. There have been several books on the topic of rationalising away our emotions and how everyone should just practice being a little bit more reserved or peaceful in life. The sad fact is that research by renowned scientist Dr. Candice Pert PHD has shown that our brain and rational mind CANNOT control our emotions. (Read more about the Science Bit)

Swallowing back your emotions in all the things that happen every single day VS. actually feeling those emotions and having a right to your emotions is causing an epidemic of stress-related illnesses in the UK. Your fatter bum, stress lines on your forehead, general morose feeling of resignation and even your feelings of gloom are to do with the fact that you are just SO DAMN SUPPRESSED.

If you suppress your anger, your frustration or your sadness – you also suppress your joy, your happiness and your fulfillment. Human beings don’t have a ‘dial’ which enables us to only express the emotions we would like to express. Emotions just ARRIVE and if you ignore them or suppress them, you kill off pieces of yourself in each moment you choose to rationalise an emotion.

It’s time for a CHANGE to sweep our planet. It’s time for TANTRUM CLUB.

If you want to become part of our journey as an instructor or trainer, just contact us below. We are building a force of foxy women and ferociously expressed men who are going to take the world by storm.

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Founder: Tantrum Club and Tantrum Fitness

Adele Theron (www.adeletheron.com and founder of www.nakeddivorce.com and www.nakedrecoveryonline.com). She started Tantrum Club after discovering that there was no healthy avenue for people to truly let go and express themselves. After studying catharsis therapy and other PTSD therapies, she created a series of techniques which allow women to simply express themselves followed by reflection of the source of the emotional stress.

Adele runs Tantrum Club pop up events whenever and wherever she pleases much to the delight of the members of the club. She also trains all the new Tantrum Facilitators. To find out more about when the next pop up event is happening or to become a Tantrum Club facilitator, contact us or go to Host a Club and consider joining the team!


Co-founder Tantrum Fitness:

In 2014, Adele brought on board serial entrepreneur Bridget Hunt (founder of www.sixpackchick.com and https://www.bridget-hunt.com/) as a choreographer so that they could begin to create a cutting edge approach to launch Tantrum Fitness. The team are in the process of formulating plans to launch Tantrum Fitness at the next Yoga Fit Retreat in Ibiza in April 2018 in partnership with Lindsay Jay (http://lindsayjay.co.uk/retreats/).

See more here: http://tantrumfitness.net/


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Tantrum Club Facilitators Extraordinaire

Anna Numphud in Bath, United Kingdom

Anna Numphud is a counsellor, registered with the BACP, and has a BSc in Psychology with Sociology and a Masters in Counselling Psychology. Anna worked for many years within mental health from in-patient settings, to delivering individual therapy, to research. She worked as a research assistant at Harvard University and as a Clinical Studies Officer for the Mental Health Research Network – supporting large scale, high quality, national research trials. Her interest has always been in how to support people to be mentally well, and how to acknowledge all those difficult things that are just part of everyday life, but that we don’t quite know how to handle. Anna now has two small children and was drawn to Tantrum Club after recognising her own frustrations and pent-up feelings that seem to go hand in hand with a young family! She has taken to a mini-Tantrum after every school run, and her family are very grateful that she has.


Sally Winchester in Sydney, Australia

Sally is a women’s empowerment life coach with a passion for supporting women through divorce and relationship breakups. Sally is committed to supporting women reclaim their lust for life and to reconnect with their inner wild woman so they can powerfully embrace this new chapter of their life. Through a combination of Mind Detox and private coaching sessions, Sally helps her clients identify any limiting beliefs and self-abandoning patterns which may be stopping them from living their truth and helps them create an empowering vision for their future. Sally has a Bachelors Degree in Change Management and is a certified Mind Detox Practitioner. Sally has transformed her own life using the skills she has acquired through ongoing investments in personal development and coaching programs along with undertaking International life coaching training and certification with “The Academy’’.

Sally lives in Avalon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with her two beautiful children Amelie and Harrison.

Kellie Ahl in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom


Kellie works with children, teens and their families to develop skills for optimum emotional wellbeing.  She blends her passion and background in Neuroscience with a variety of techniques to inspire and empower children and adults to fulfil their potential in any area of their life.  Kellie has experienced major personal trauma and grief as well as the daily pressures of the corporate world, running a business, financial difficulties and motherhood.  She loves to have fun and enjoys a regular private tantrum!

In her work with families, she utilises the Tantrum Club methods of emotional release as a precursor for some teens and adults to practise relaxation techniques.  She encourages the regular use of these methods at home to protect family relationships from taking the brunt; fundamental for family wellbeing.   She adapts these for younger children, working with parents to provide the right support for their child.

Kellie is a Family Wellbeing Coach with a BSc in Neuroscience, a Certificate in Life Coaching and is certified Relax Kids Coach.  Watch this space for Tantrum Club workshops in Hertfordshire area

Joanna Spencer, Brighton, United Kingdom

I spent my early career working for financial services companies and investment organisations: a client-based environment in the city of London. Having a flair for home interiors, home styling, design, architecture and making spaces feel wow! I qualified as an Interior Designer and built my own successful company. I suffered a huge blow when my son’s father died. My son was only 7 years old and his father was 42. Our world crumbled and turned into turmoil as we tried to navigate the grief and confusion which filled our days. This was a brutal reminder that I had spent most of my life being told by others that I was too angry and living in that fearful place of being who I truly was: my authentic self. I tried a Tantrum Class and immediately felt amazing – so much so – I was hooked and felt a passion and desire to share this experience with others. I have trained with the founder of Tantrum Club, Adele Theron and her team, enabling me to share with you the releasing and refreshing ways to move on in your life with freedom in knowing how to safely release your anger. I believe anger is an emotion or feeling and gets really bad press. It is just like other feelings like love, happiness, joy, sadness, grief, excitement, which all have a place in our lives. All emotions are to be appreciated and lived as a picture of who we truly are. Come and join in a class with me and have a lot of fun expressing frustrations, uncomfortable feelings in a safe place. You will feel so free and elated at the end of the class!


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