There are some really nasty negative effects of emotional suppression:

  • Voice becomes high pitched
  • Feel very tired
  • Hold tension in your body and particularly in your shoulders and jaw
  • The blocked cell receptors create an acidic environment in the body increasing the propensity for diseases to occur in the blocked areas
  • Repressing Anger (as it rests mostly in the shoulders and upper back) can lead to an unexpected outbreak of acne, issues with the jaw (as you have clenched your teeth), back and neck tension, and at its worst: cancer and chronic fatigue
  • Repressing Fear (as fear rests mostly in the stomach) can lead to constipation, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome and other issues of the bowel and colon
  • Repressing Sadness (as sadness lives mostly in the heart/lung region) can lead to heart/lung problems, throat and voice problems, and issues with your eyes.
  • There are studies which show that depression can be caused by suppression over a long period of time
  • Suppression leads to a build up of high Cortisol levels which can lead to weight gain. With the cell receptors being blocked, it’s hard to lose weight as the body holds onto it to protect from toxins in body
  • High Cortisol impacts the skin leading to premature ageing

>> Read more about this stuff within the Science Bit.

People report many benefits from attending Tantrum Club including:

TantrumClubBenefitsFeeling at peace
Self Expressed
A release
Feeling happier and stress free
Lost weight!
Feeling more at peace
Noticing much less arguments at home
Feeling less moody
Feeling less down and depressed
People say I “look younger”