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Tantrumclub5It is great fun being an Official Bitch or Bad-ass with a Bat, running classes, corporate events and sulky teenagers about real stress management and emotional release. You can set up a business to host a Tantrum Club in your area, Tantrum Club for Teens, one-off day team building corporate events, fun away days OR a weekly or monthly stress-relieving event.

It’s a great way to bond and feel reinvigorated. Get to the core of what is really stressing them out, teaching innovative and fun ways to de-stress on a daily basis, kick some butt and become Bitches and Bad-asses with Bats for a day…

The events are aimed at professional women, stressed mums and women experiencing life changes to help them navigate through the their stress and emotions in a healthy, fun way to bring about lasting improvements to their emotional life.


What you need to know about the Tantrum Club Corporate Events

  • It’s awesome for team building
  • Events are memorable and great fun
  • Team members will learn great skills and connect with each other in a new way
  • Packages can be tailored to your organisation in terms of fulfilling on goals or outcomes you wish to achieve with the team

Tantrum Club Team Building and Away days

Approach companies to discuss their requirements with them. Explore their goals and outcomes and you can tailormake a team-building workshop for them. In every workshop you will learn how to give others an:-

Corporate-brochure1. Understanding of emotions and how they arise
2. Understanding our own responses to stress and how to deal with it better
3. Why suppression is so dangerous
4. Healthy expression and what that looks like in the workplace
5. Fun activities to try in the stairwell or as a team

Tantrum Club Teen Events

Teens-brochure1. They are aimed at teen girls who are sulky, moody or generally frustrated
2. It’s awesome for morale building
3. Events are memorable and great fun
4. Teens will learn great skills and connect with each other in a new way
5. Packages can be tailored to your school or community in terms of fulfilling on goals or outcomes you wish to achieve with your teens

What support do you get if you Host a club?

You will receive:

pink-tick-md Full Training programme, training videos and time with Adele
pink-tick-md Participant Manual
pink-tick-md Music playlist
pink-tick-md Digital Brochure for Teen Tantrum Club
pink-tick-md Digital Brochure for Corporate Tantrum Club
pink-tick-md Tantrum Starter Pack kit-list of where to purchase products to host your Tantrum Clubs
pink-tick-md Tantrum Club accreditation
pink-tick-md Email and Skype support from the team on any coaching tips you need on Tantrum Club coaching or marketing for 365 days
pink-tick-md Marketing material (post-cards, flyers, business card)
pink-tick-md Support in posting events online
pink-tick-md Licensed to promote yourself as a Tantrum Club Facilitator freely and with complete support
pink-tick-md Access to any new products and programmes being developed before anyone else
pink-tick-md Adele will introduce you via email as a Tantrum Club Facilitator to the Tantrum Club web and social media database
pink-tick-md Licensee to provide Licensor with photographs and biography so that Licensee profile can be put up on Tantrum Club website
pink-tick-md All material available electronically for you to print out whatever you need
pink-tick-md Personalised Tantrum Club Email address
pink-tick-md Your Profile on the Tantrum Club website
pink-tick-md Your office address on the Tantrum Club website online
pink-tick-md You can record videos which can be posted online on Tantrum Club website
pink-tick-md License includes email support and 1 hour call per month for any other support required
pink-tick-md  License fee is USD 750 and includes everything required

We are very selective with who runs our pop up events so if you are serious about exploring whether this journey is right for you, then apply for consideration by contacting us below…

Complete your details below if you are interested in finding out more about hosting your own Tantrum club