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Who is this for?

Tantrum Club is aimed at men and women who feel frustrated, stressed, angry and tired. We have a Tantrum Club for Corporate Events and Away days for teams who have lost their Oomph and Teen Tantrum Club is for moody, frustrated or sulky teenagers. Click the arrow to find out more..

How does it work?

Tantrum Club is to help people release their pent-up frustrations and stress in a healthy way. We have a series of exercises we do as a group within each club which helps release anger, frustration, jealousy, bitterness, sadness, heaviness and utter flaming fury.

Host a club

It is great fun being an Official Bitch OR Badass with a Bat, leading classes, corporate teams and facilitating events for sulky teenagers about real stress management and emotional release. Set up a business to host a Tantrum Club in your area today

Not feeling like yourself lately?
Maybe a bit run down or ‘meh’?
Think you might want to ram someone with your shopping trolley?
Thinking about getting your mojo back?


In Tantrum Club you will learn all about your emotions and how they arise. You will learn why suppression is so dangerous and will understand your own responses to stress and how to deal with it.


kəˈθɑːsɪs noun
the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.


Did you know that there is a chemical expression for every emotion you have and when you suppress emotions the chemicals block the cell receptors in your body leading to a toxic buildup?