Who is this for?


Tantrum Club is aimed at:

Tantrum10 Professional people who feel frustrated and tired or who are going through Life Changes (Tantrum Club)
Corporate-brochure Teams who have lost their Oomph (Tantrum Corporate Events and Away-Days)
Teens-brochure Frustrated, moody or sulky Teens (Teen Tantrum Club)

Does this sound like you?

pink-tick-md Feeling a bit run down and a bit ‘dead’ like the colour has been drained out of life.
pink-tick-md Energy is lacking.
pink-tick-md It’s been a hectic year and you feel morale is low.
pink-tick-md There has been some friction lately and you have been thinking about getting your mojo back.
pink-tick-md You are not sure how to connect with others.
pink-tick-md Exam results are suffering and your parents are driving you crazy.
pink-tick-md Your team at work has lost its oomph and cat-fighting is starting to ensue…
pink-tick-md You have issues in your life, don’t like ‘therapy’ but are not sure what you can do to help yourself.
pink-tick-md You are not feeling super-energised or happy.
pink-tick-md There are moments when emotions get way out of control.
pink-tick-md Life is just too tense and stressed and you need a way to unleash stuff on a weekly basis.
pink-tick-md You just need to have some fun.

If you said yes to more than 1 of the above, you need to take urgent action…

Tantrum Club 1

Not processing stress properly can have adverse effects…

  • Emotional breakdown and absenteeism from work and life.
  • Illness – stress and emotional suppression is the single biggest cause of sickness in the UK, US and English-speaking countries.
  • Over 105 million days are lost to stress each year costing employers $7.24 billion each year across the UK and USA.
  • Increased cases of ‘presenteeism’ which is kind of like being somewhere physically but not being there mentally. It happens when a conflict at home is unresolved, resulting in festering anxiety that intrudes on your “mental screen” throughout the day, resulting in a loss of productivity.
  • Premature ageing or weight-gain, a feeling of extreme tiredness and general fatigue and an inability to concentrate.