How does it work?

Tantrum Club is for women to help them release their pent-up frustrations and stress in a healthy way.

IMG_0016Research shows that life has become so much more stressful than ever before. The stats on the next page underline the issue. Bottom line: Most of us experience stress, anger, frustration and even fury in situations where it is not the most appropriate response BUT it’s not that those emotions themselves are the problem, it’s the fact that we suppress those emotions over time.

It also doesn’t help that in today’s society, there is a fair amount of pressure to keep calm and carry on and to be ’emotionally intelligent’. All these key phrases basically translate into shutting up, saying nothing and drinking tea and eating biscuits. This plays havoc with your health and can even make you gain weight!

If you are feeling super stressed and you are interested in rediscovering Your mojo, find a Tantrum Club in your area!

Activities include:

  • Bucketing out all your stresses
  • Popping balloons
  • Wailing
  • Shaking it out
  • Stamping it out
  • War-cries
  • Punching
  • Air-kicking
  • Beating bean-bags with bats

Much much more!

Tantrum Club Team Building and Corporate Events

Meet with one of our representatives and discuss your requirements with them. Let us know your goals and outcomes and we will tailor-make a team-building workshop for you. In every workshop we cover:

  • Understanding of emotions and how they arise
  • Understanding my own response to stress and how I can deal with it better
  • Why suppression is so dangerous
  • Healthy expression and what that looks like in the workplace
  • Fun activities to try in the stairwell or as a team

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What people say about Tantrum Club

Tantrum Club Pop-up Events

  • Help people manage their stress
  • Contact us with your idea for running a Tantrum Club
  • Let us know your goals and outcomes and we will tailor-make an event for you
  • Activities can vary at each session as we teach everyone new techniques which are fun and engaging

Tantrum Club Teen Events in Schools

Introducing Tantrum Club Teen Events, which can be run in a one-off day stress-relieving event.The events are aimed at teen girls to help them navigate through the their stress and emotions in a healthy, fun way to bring about lasting improvements to their emotional life.

Teens-brochure What you need to know about the Tantrum Club Teen Events
1. They are aimed at teen girls
2. It’s awesome for morale building
3. Events are memorable and great fun
4. Teens will learn great skills and connect with each other in a
new way
5. Packages can be tailored to your school or community in terms of
fulfilling on goals or outcomes you wish to achieve with your teens

Meet with one of our representatives and discuss your requirements with them. Let us know your goals and outcomes and we will tailor-make a Teen Event in your school or community.

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What teens say about Tantrum Club

“I am blown away by Tantrum Club. My moody teen is just not moody anymore! I hear her up in her room banging away and then she comes downstairs all lovely to us. I have no idea what you did but it works!”
– Tina R Brien, 43, parent

Tantrum Club is an innovative and fun way to de-stress on a daily basis. It’s a great way to bond with others and feel reinvigorated. Get to the core of what is really stressing you out and join a Tantrum Club today. It’s an opportunity to kick some butt and become a Bitch with Bats for a day!